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My Story!

Hi everyone! My name is Vimal {Vee-mull aka Vic}, and I'm "The Backpack CPA." I have been in the accounting/tax world for over 14 years and have my own practice. I provide success & mindset coaching & consulting to other accounting/tax professionals! 🤓

I got the name, "The Backpack CPA," because of my cool backpack 🎒 that I carry around with me. It’s the one thing that helps me be unique/stand out and helps get the conversation started!

I invite you to start "growing" with me in your professional journey instead of just "going" through it!

3 important life lessons:

Have fun & don’t take life/work too seriously.
Have patience - slow & steady wins.
Be process driven - not goal/result driven. Enjoy the process.

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Friend | Mentor | Coach | Consultant

Success Coaching

In this technology driven world, it's very important we take care of the HUMAN first! If the human isn't taken care of first, then nothing else matters. I help other professionals achieve their goals and improve their overall sense of well-being and fulfillment through success coaching!
I utilize a variety of strategies and techniques, such as setting goals, developing strategies, building motivation and confidence, and providing support and accountability.

Mindfulness for Busy Professionals

The practice of mindfulness has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people have come to realize the many benefits it offers. As busy professionals, we often face high levels of stress during the workday & mindfulness can be a real lifesaver. Resources I offer:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions to understand what is mindfulness & how to practice it
  • Weekly online guided mindfulness sessions
  • A 10 week live online in-depth mindfulness course

Register your interest & we'll let you know of upcoming sessions & programs.

What can I help you with?!

If you're an accounting or tax professional and need help with any kind of coaching, consulting, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, then let's chat! You can schedule a call on my calendar below and we can discuss your needs and see how I can help you!

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